Karanj oil and karanj cake

Karanja tree is wonderful tree almost like Neem tree. Insouth Part of the Indian Penisula the Karanja Oil/Cake also use as organic fertilizer and pesticide. It can be used pest and fertilizer management in organically.

Karanja, grows extensively across India. The seed oil has been used by the natives of India for long years. It is used in Auyervedic and Siddha traditional medicine systems to treat various skin conditions from eczema and psoriasis to leprosy, and for skin protections, it is believed to enhance the UV absorbing properties of conventional sunscreens. A paste made of Karanja and lime is used relieve rheumatic pain, and Karanja infused baths are used for cleaning skin ulcers and sores.

Pharmaceutical preparations based on Karanja Oil are used for treating skin diseases including acne, hepes, rosacia and leucoderma partial or total loss of skin pigmentation, often occurring in patches, also known as vitiligo.