Neem coat for urea

(Neem seed extract coating for urea and other nitrogeneous fertilisers)

Neem Seed/Kernel extract contains more than a hundred constituents. Mostly of the Tetranortriterpenoid group commonly referred to as Limonoids. Many of these Limonoids are nitrification inhibitors in the soil. Hence when applied to nitrogenous fertilizers help prevent loss of Nitrogen by way of preventing leaching, Volatalisation and quick Nitrification.

Thus the Nitrogenous Fertilisers remain for a longer time in the soil when coated at the rate of 250 gms per 50 Kgs of Urea. These Limonoids basically inhibit the Mulitiplication of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter Bacteria which aid the Nitrification process in the soil. Nitrogenous Fertiliser usage can be brought down by 30 % by this application. The crop (Especially Paddy) remains Green throughout and results in a better output of Grain and Dry matter.


The Nitrogenous fertilizer ( 50 Kgs. ) is put on a plastic sheet and 250 Grams of the Neem Coating is applied with hand to the urea. It is left for one hour and applied to the soil.


  • Normal Nitrogenous fertilizer consumption / Acre during crop period 125 – 150 Kgs.
  • Neem coating application : 87.50 – 105 Kgs, Increase in grain out put - 15 % ,Increase in dry matter - 15 %