Neem kernel cake


Neem cake is rich in Sulphur Compounds (6%), Bitter Terpenoids (2%) such as Epinimbin – a natural Nitrification inhibitor functioning like Nitropyran, Azadirachtin – a powerful insect – (locust) – Antifeedant (effective at concentrations as low as 00.04 % PPM), Meliantriol, Salannin, Nimbin, Azadiradione and other minor bitter compounds in addition to its intrinsic N,P,K and S value. Acts as a fertilizer & pest repellent. Protects the roots of crops from Nematodes, White ants, Fungi, Bacteria & other soil insects.

Eco-Friendly Advantages

  • Totally natural, no effect on ground water.
  • Calcium & Magnesium in cake helps in redcing alkalinity soil.
  • Abolishing of chemical fertilizers in tea gardens, mentha & other herb/fodder crops, which after processing is consumed by humans & livestock; had helped neem cake to come in limelight globally for its negligible-traces in vegetation.
  • Being excellent nitrification inhibitor, coating (blending) on chemical fertilizer (UREA, DAP etc.) greatly reduced its consumption up to 30 %.
  • Neem Cake (ground application) is found to be effective and beneficial in the all crops.

Recommended Usage

  • For 1 hc. Required 200 kg. Neem Cake.
  • For household use apply 250 gm. Per plant.


Azadirachtin –> 1500 PPM
Salannin – >2500 PPM
Nimbin – > 2000 PPM
Nitrogen – >7 - 8
Phosphorous – >0.5
Potassium – > 3.5 %

It Is Available In Powder Form And Pallet Form With Various Sizes.

PACKINGS: As Per Customer Requirement (OR) 1 KG TO 50 KGS Packings In HDPE Woven Bags